About SWM

SWM is an equipping ministry designed to resource God's End Time Church

The mandate from God for Scott and his team is diverse, filled with equipping and spiritual resource. 

Scott Webster Ministries is an expression of the prophetic and apostolic realities that function within Scott's life, and those on his team that work alongside Scott, which express themselves particularly in the areas of: a) Church Leadership b) Family Development c) Books and written materials d) Insight into Global Events. SWM works to define and develop a new prophetic dimension to resource the Church to become a more powerful and accurate expression of the Kingdom of God. 

Church Leadership

From the beginning of Scott's ministry he began traveling to churches which were diverse an unique in their calling and ministries, yet which all shared the same basic requirements given by God for every church community. For the last 12 years he has served on the  Apostolic Core Team of Congress WBN, which has multiplied hundreds of churches across 95 nations. His burden for church leaders to be equipped and churches to be healthy has produced significant partnerships with pastors and church leaders both in the U.S. and across the nations.

Family Development

The core unity for building a society is the family, and it was a family that God originally created and put in the earth to bring the entire earth into divine order (Gen 1:28). Family development has long been one of Scott's primary callings, a burden shared by his wife of 30+ years Kathy. Building strong men who are leaders in their homes, reinforcing and strengthening the marriage covenant, raising children who will fear the Lord and creating a strong sense of community are all passions the Webster's possess and seek to discharge within the Body of Christ.

Books & Publications

Scott has written a series of books entitled The New Prophetic Dimension. These books describe and define an enhanced prophetic reality God has given to the Church in this era, beginning with The Architecture of the New Prophetic Dimension - first in the series. The series addresses how the prophetic manifests itself within the diverse realms of life, including: the individuals life, nations development, church ministry and operations and also the prophet themselves.

Insight & World Events

Having a correct and holistic prophetic perspective is essential in this time when God is dealing with the nations of the earth and bringing the Church to full maturity and functionality. This section of the site will help you gain insight into current trends and events, especially into how God is Sovereignly managing events in the nations and bringing all things into a point of confluence.

Scott Webster

Scott Webster serves on the Core Leadership Council of Congress WBN, a unique, faith-based organization, networking churches, businesses, professionals and students in over 100 nations. He is also the founder of Scott Webster Ministries (SWM) and a key prophetic voice in the United States and across the world.

Scott is the Global Director of Congress WBN's Global Insight Services Sector and is responsible for leadership training and the development and delivery of prophetic ministry in the nations. Scott is also an advisor to churches, businesses and leaders globally and the author of several books on the prophetic and prophetic ministry.

He lives with his wife Kathy and their family in Atlanta, GA, USA.

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SWM is relationally based because; Scott has always valued relationships and the value that they bring. When he first began to travel to churches in the mid 1980s, he prayed that God would send them to churches that were open to hearing the voice of the Lord and which desired to build long term relationships. 

We didn't want to build a ministry circuit or simply have successful ministry operations - we wanted to build friendships with others who loved God. God honored that prayer, and the friendships built with Kingdom people over the last 30 years are deeply valued and also strategic.


In addition to his leadership of SWM, Scott works in the Apostolic Core Team of Congress WBN, his primary apostolic affiliation. Scott has known Dr. Noel Woodroffe for 20+ years as they have labored together to produce the purposes of God. The Congress consists of eight different Sectors of operations including churches, business and corporate leaders, university students and national leaders spread across more than 95 nations. 

Scott also serves as the Regional Coordinator for C-WBN operations across North America, and is part of the Regional Coordinating Group of the Congress, standing alongside men who have responsibility to build in their respective regions of the earth.

Scott also leads Elijah Center Embassy Atlanta, part of Elijah Center Global which is called a Global Borderless Kingdom Community. This church, or Kingdom Community, has a strong relational ethic and is built on the platform of community, making it a joy for Scott and his wife Kathy to provide leadership to the community in Atlanta.