Elijah and the Financial Crisis - part 1

By Scott Webster
Aug 28, 2015

On Monday, August 24, global markets lost almost $10 trillion in share value on a day now being referred to as Black Monday. The instability was primarily caused by China devaluing their currency, which immediately impacted their own stock exchange: the Shanghai Composite Index in China has dropped 38% in value since June 12. On “Black Monday” it lost 8.5% of its value; the largest one-day drop for the market since 2007. On the following day it fell another 7.6%.

The Dow Jones lost 600 points on investor fears on the same day, while India's benchmark BSE index fell nearly 6%, the biggest daily fall since January 2009. Commodity prices are also dropping; oil prices plunged to six-year lows, amid concerns about waning demand for commodities from China. Global markets rose on Thursday following a Wall Street increase. Beyond the immediate spikes and drops in the economy, this article seeks to look past the numbers and the political landscape to see what is going on, and for that we have to turn to Elijah, a prophet who lived around 875 BC.

Elijah & Economic Meltdown

Why Elijah? He deliberately crashed the economy when he pronounced a 3 ½ year drought. The agricultural based economy was plunged into recession because the prophet closed up the heavens so that it did not rain. Elijah had a direct and God ordained impact into the financial systems of the earth. And the Bible declares that Elijah will be sent again – not the person but the dimension that he represented – before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse. Malachi 4:5 (NIV)

The last declared promise of the Old Testament speaks of Elijah’s return, and after 400 years of silence from heaven John the Baptist burst forth in the spirit and power of Elijah (Lu 1:17). The disciples were confused when Elijah himself appeared, along with Moses, on the Mt. of Transfiguration, and they asked Jesus “ why do the teachers of the law say that Elijah must come first?” (Mark 9:11). Jesus clarified the issue by saying that “Elijah will come”, indicating a future dimension that would exist after John: “Jesus answered and said to them, ‘Indeed, Elijah is coming (futuristic) first and will restore all things. But I say to you that Elijah has come already (past), and they did not know him but did to him whatever they wished’” (Mt 17:11).

The appearance of an Elijah dimension is key – it was manifest in John the Baptist who prepared the way for the coming of the Lord, and it is appearing now. It is not just economic cycles or financial practices that are behind the instability of the markets. God is at work in the earth, and we can’t understand what’s happening in the earth’s financial systems simply by looking at the natural factors.

What is Elijah?

Beyond the financial crisis, Elijah represents four components that are relevant to us living in 2015 (these components are taken from Malachi 4:5-6):

1. Elijah is a series of crises and destabilizing events which bring great distress upon the earth while God confronts the darkness and the oppression. Everywhere Elijah went there was crisis – he pronounced a famine that resulted in a massive downturn in the economy, and he gathered the entire nation on a mountain to confront them with the reality of God in the midst of their spiritual dullness and lethargy. Elijah was a prophet of fire, intensity and supernatural strength who lived in the midst of continual crisis.

Malachi proclaimed that the time Elijah was sent would be the “ great and dreadful day of the Lord” (Mal 4:5). The word “dreadful” is the Hebrew word yare; it means to be afraid, or to terrify and make afraid. It also means to hold something in awe or to inspire reverence. The word describes a fear of the Lord and His supreme mastery over the earth. God “Gathers the waters of the sea into jars; he puts the deep into storehouse (owtsar). 8 Let all the earth fear (yare) the LORD; let all the people of the world revere” (Ps 33:7-8).

The second word Malachi used to describe the nature of Elijah’s sending is “great”, which is the Hebrew word gadol. It means to be large in magnitude or extent, to be intense, to be loud and to be great in number. The word is specifically used to describe the crises within Egypt when God was breaking the children out of slavery: “So the LORD brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, with great (gadol) terror and with miraculous signs and wonders” (Deut 28:8). It was through intensified levels of terror that God piloted His people to a place of new freedom – the crisis is redemptive.

When the two words yare and gadol are combined and used together as descriptions of Elijah’s appearance, they describe a time when a great number of intense and forceful realities occur that inspire fear, terror and awe in the nations. It is a time when crisis is hitting the nations with increasing pulsations of intensity and frequency, and the nations are overwhelmed because there is nothing they can do about it.

2. Elijah is a strong and powerful Church which must exist at the end of time, a people with a renewed prophetic dimension who are governmental and who exist in the earth in the power of an apostolic sending (I will send you Elijah the prophet). The spirit of Elijah must exist within the lives of all of God’s people who are pressing past the obstacles of mortal life and living in the time when spiritual turbulence and natural turmoil characterizes life on the earth.

3. Elijah is the dealings of God with the social systems of the earth. Elijah himself was consistently involved with nations and systems, and the stated mandate of the Elijah dimension is to turn the hearts of fathers to sons and sons to fathers – the use of the plural indicates this is not only applied to personal relationships but it also deals with the social systems and structures of humanity. These systems provide a framework for human life and existence, and they must be impacted in a redemptive way before the coming of the Lord. Elijah ministered during a time of a) Economic calamity b) Political instability c) Disordered family structure d) Moral decay in society e) injustice and an unsafe business environment, etc. All of those realities exist in our day, therefore the Elijah reality is needed.

4. Elijah is a dimension that leads us towards immortality; he comes in the time leading up to the great and dreadful day of the Lord’s coming. Elijah himself did not see death but was taken up to heaven in a whirlwind (2 Kings 2:11-12). He represents a people who contend with and overcome the last enemy which is death. Elijah is a supernatural dimension but it exists and thrives in normal people; James said that Elijah was a man just like us, and he prayed to shut the heavens and then open them back up. The Elijah dimension interacts with big systems of life within the people of God as we move towards the ability to break the power of death, which is the largest oppositional force of the systems of this world (1 Corinthians 15:26).

What Will Happen in the Markets?

That is the question everyone is asking, but it’s not the primary issue. The most important thing is that God is moving in the nations through crisis – a big part of which is financial – and we have to know that or we will not know how to respond. Our view is not to predict whether this present downturn will be sustained, nor is it targeted towards believers and how to invest. As we will see as this series unfolds, that perspective is part of the problem.

Our view is more macro, and can be stated as: the economic systems of the earth are under Divine assault, and the End of Time will culminate with global economic collapse. The final days of mortality involves the destruction of Babylon (global economic system): “All your riches and splendor have vanished, never to be recovered.' The merchants who sold these things and gained their wealth from her will stand far off, terrified at her torment” (Rev 18:14-15). That collapse produces massive fear in the system; the word is phobos, and it means to be in severe distress at impending pain and danger. The words of Scripture accurately describe people in the nations today as they grapple with loss of wealth and fear what may come next.

But as believers we are not to be afraid, and the only way to be confident and strong in difficult times is to know what God is doing and why He is doing it. Elijah was a participant in the economic drama that seized the nations. As soon as he pronounced drought to Ahab, the Lord told him to flee and go live in a ravine named Cherith where he drank from the river and birds brought him bread and meat both morning and night. Eventually the brook dried up because of the drought he initiated, so God sent him to a poor widow to live out the remainder of the economic downturn. We will examine Elijah’s personal process as part of this series in order to strengthen believers and determine what spiritual posture we must have if we are going to partner with God in these times.

The series will address other questions also, such as:  What is God’s purpose in the downturn(s)? Why is he attacking the financial system? What will ultimately occur? The core of the articles will be based on five (5) key parallels between Elijah and the economic meltdown which occurred in 2008, of which this current dip is an aftershock. The five similarities are:

  1. It was a crisis of values that manifest in the economic realm
  2. God is Shutting off the Money Supply
  3. It caused the Evaporation of Wealth
  4. Opportunity to Find God
  5. How Leaders Responded to the Crises


Michael LoBianco | Japan | August 29, 2015

Truly, these are times like “in the days of Elijah” and we must therefore be a strong and a powerful people with “apostolic sending” to partner with God as He concludes His dealings with Man and the earth. WE must not be caught by surprise or by fear, as to what is happening on the earth; for God does not do anything “unless” He tells His prophets first.  Look forward to decoding what is happening in the next articles.

Olubunmi Obembe | Nigeria | August 29, 2015

quite interesting

Adrian Vasquez | United States | August 29, 2015

Elijah was a man of like tastes (James 5:17) but who operated in a supernatural capacity (2 Kings 2:8). In 2 Kings 2:8 he parted the river Jordan with simply rolling up his shirt and hitting the water. In comparison to Moses this description in the scripture only took 1 verse to describe. I find this a fitting example of the power of the Elijah dimension being a part of God’s end time movement.

Curtis Humphrey | Trinidad and Tobago | August 29, 2015

This is a most engaging issue and very relevant for stabilizing the hearts of believers in the midst of the crises. I feel that the majority of Christendom, fallaciously indoctrinated in the “Prosperity Gospel” is not prepared for the end times. This Elijah Dimension is key to stabilizing the hearts of the saints in the era when, “Everything that can be shaken is being shaken!”

serge Tré | Cote d'Ivoire | August 29, 2015

humm I like this approach to things, it’s pretty interresant pertinant and to see how God is hiding behind the attacks, and evokes that we spell puzzlement here and we communicate a global view of what God is doing throughout the Earth. Through this article I understand for me when nothing made disconnected God stands behind every crisis and I must have this view have contacted me here to keep me how, moving forward despite the crises. that’s a wonderful thing and I love it !!!

obadiah mwaura | Kenya | August 29, 2015

Every time the name of Elijah shows up an atmosphere of finalisation fills the air. This article helps accelerate the current environment of both fear and faith. Fear for those who have no idea what’s going on and faith for those who are set to participate in the unfolding drama leading to the close of the age.
Economy touches man’s heart where it hurts most and no wonder that it forms a very integral part of the Divine plan for the end.

Maria Kehr | Germany | August 30, 2015

I find it very interesting to see in this article how God is opening up scripture in these end times and how we find ourselves inside of them. It creates both a confidence and a hunger for His word inside of me. Thanks, Scott for stewarding this carefully and sharing it.

Chad | USA | August 30, 2015

This is a terrific article for all believers living in the current context of the Earth. This article shouts to us that crisis in the temporal realm is not our calamity. In fact, crisis in this realm is a tool of the One we trust! The article proclaims God’s sovereignty amidst the chaos of the earth. Timely and wonderful!

Klopfenstein Matthieu | France | August 30, 2015

This article gives me understanding to the present situation. The point thats the “sons” are socials systems brings greater clarity from the word to decode our time and to see that God comes against these socials systems and Elijah is at work today. It like if the biblical “texts” are unveiled again an present connected to the event. Thanks for these insights.

Sunday Gobum Gofwan | Nigeria | August 30, 2015

I have been taking my Kingdom Community through a teaching for the past one month titled “Requirements for Living in the End : Pattern from Exodus”, and we discovered that, if we must get to the end, then crisis is our friend. I found this article very instructive and inspiring. Infact am already thinking of using it as a continuation of my teaching on “Requirements for Living in the End “. Thanks Scott for this article. Looking forward to part 2.

Jason | USA | August 31, 2015

This article is very informative and reassuring that we stand in the power and confidence of a Sovereign God who brings crisis to bring us closer to Him.  Looking forward to Part 2 of this series.

Osayi | United Kingdom | September 1, 2015

Very revealing thank you. Gives a broader dimension to some of the work we have done on Elijah. Looking forward to more articles.

Tracey Ann | USA | September 1, 2015

As the whole counsel of God gets fulfilled in this time, we see that the crisis falls upon the just and the unjust.  “So the brook dried up because of the drought he [Elijah] initiated”.  This means being strong prophetic people of God, going home after work and there is nothing to eat.  Your children are crying because they are hungry, you realize they are losing weight because what they have been eating is less and less. In that day, what is our response?. Will we barter with an unjust businessman and compromise our values to do something to get some food ....for surely God understands that the little ones must eat. When there was no more supply to fill Elijah’s basic needs, the word says “....so God sent him to a poor widow”.  The ability to hear God’s voice in the midst of the crisis brings stability and advance as we fortify ourselves personally and continue to be an effective, relevant, functioning partner in His divine purpose for Babylon on a macro level.  This requirement to hear God’s voice is critical.

sheldon charles | | September 2, 2015

If we are God’s war club in the earth, then sight and understanding of the Elijah dimension is critical for our spiritual advancement. I had a lot of “selah” moments musing on this.

Emmanuel Varathan | South Africa | September 3, 2015

Hi Scott, Thank you yet again for the insight into the present finical crisis. Indeed ” Elijah” must come. Gross darkness as covered the earth, crisis upon crisis. We the church need to rise up in Elijah dimension and open the heaven.”

Zwelakhe Mhlongo | South Africa | September 4, 2015

This prophetic perspective is relevant in a sense that it calibrates us to stand in a place of confidence and understanding in the height of crisis. Thus, divine intent has to be appropriated by correct response by those called out by God to walk in divine partnership with Him. Surely, our motivation is the Word of God, and this prophetic perspective unshrouds us from confusion. Habakkuk 1.5 says “look around the nations, look and be amazed! For I am doing something in your day, something you wouldn’t believe even if someone told you about it “. So, as people living at the End of Time we should not be astonished and perplexed by the global crisis as they are the basis for final redemption as the Body of Christ reaches maturity.

Tewolde Yemane | Switzerland | September 6, 2015

Eager to finish actually intensify the war. In reading this article this verse came to my mind. Luk 21: 28 “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” I really feel secure, joyful and surety “lift up your heads”
Thanks for showing us this again puts a lot of courage.

Abiodun Folarin | USA | September 7, 2015

Highly informative.

Sammy Kariuki | Kenya | September 11, 2015

Am glad for these prophetic insight as they provide clarity to Gods people that God is behind the darkness, Surely the sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing to His servants and prophets, we are truly living in a time of massive Identity, in the day He strikes down,He sets apart”, His footsteps are here. Thanks for the massive insight

Sabrina Ghany | Trinidad and Tobago | September 11, 2015

I am sure that i have gotten sight of this and the happenings in the earth today,I must make sure that my family is aware because even the children was dress and ready for journey .The same water that destroy the ark its the same water that cause it to be activated.The battle is truly is for sight . 

Bidemi Alfred | Nigeria | September 14, 2015

One key imperative from this article is the positioning of the believers in the midst of the crisis. As kingdom believers, we need to stand in a place of partnership with the lord as he decisively assaults the systems of the earth. We need to be coming into greater levels of understanding, maturity and wisdom of the ways of the lord.

In fact, Elijah said while facing Ahab the king: “As the lord God of Israel lives, BEFORE WHOM I STAND, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except at my word”. The emphasis here is that in the days when the lord is coming down hard on the systems of the earth, we need to stand before the lord in a place of partnership and growing intimacy.

Another key emphasis coming through from this article is that Elijah is a man given to prayers. He prayed and it did not rain. He also prayed and it rain again. This to me signifies that the spirit of Elijah is not a passive one that activates the hand of the lord and then goes into inactivity. He decisively collaborated with the lord in the place of prayers in bringing about the intent of the lord; and in the same vain collaborated with him in ending the crisis.

Thus, this a day in which we need a fresh collaboration with the mind of the lord in fulfilling his intents in the earth. We shouldn’t be caught in the place of perplexity and fear but faith and growing sight of the lord should be rising on the inside of us: our salvation is near!

Thank you Scott for this insightful article.

Chiquita Bryan | Trinidad and Tobago | September 29, 2015

Very encouraging indeed! I must have that Elijah dimension inside of me.

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