By Scott Webster
Nov 6, 2014
Far from sending us into spirals of doubt and uncertainty and fear, the crises unfolding all around us should be recognized as God ordained circumstances which propel us deeper into Him as the light of the church arises in the midst of the darkness.

It has been a year since we published The Arc of Empires. Thousands of books have been distributed and people across the earth are becoming aware that the various crises taking place around them have a Divine purpose. Most importantly, church leaders are being awakened and are rising to build a more accurate expression of God’s Church during the time of crisis, so their people can be established and walk through the events of the End with strong faith and awareness of God’s purpose.

The message of The Arc of Empires does more than predict or assess a single event – it describes a much wider process of God’s dealings with the earth and therefore it is unfolding, dynamic and “track-able”. What I mean by that is that the book makes the unfolding events of the earth truly discernible by providing us both with a prophetic grid for understanding and also a strong Kingdom mentality that is relevant for these particular times. It is very important to me that people can see this word from God unfold because that allows those who don’t quite “see it” at first to shift in their posture towards it as further crisis ratifies it and makes it more emphatic.

We are living in a time very much like the time of Moses when God increased the intensity of crisis – what the Bible calls plagues – and it is a sequence of events that we can track. In light of tracking what is happening, I want to survey two developments that have occurred since The Arc of Empires was published one year ago – the rise of ISIS and the Ebola outbreak – events that further ratify that God is in control in the midst of the crises.  


CDC members in hazmat suits

The Ebola crisis is the worst outbreak in history. According to official counts at the time of this writing it has killed 4,500 in West Africa, though many unofficial numbers are 2-3 times higher. The disease jumped to the U.S. through the travel of a Liberian man who was misdiagnosed with a flu virus in a Dallas hospital and sent home with an active Ebola infection. A physician in New York who worked with Ebola patients in Guinea has also been diagnosed and various travel bans and quarantines have been implemented, contested and overturned in the case of a nurse in Maine.

There has been also a relatively slow response to the Ebola outbreak by the wealthy nations of the West, as intimated by the former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan who said "I am bitterly disappointed by the response... I am disappointed in the international community for not moving faster". Annan told the BBC, “If the crisis had hit some other region it probably would have been handled very differently. In fact when you look at the evolution of the crisis, the international community really woke up when the disease got to America and Europe." If there is no response to the crisis hitting weaker or undeveloped nations until the crisis “hits home”, we have moved beyond a health crisis into a crisis of morality and ethics among the world’s leaders.

My own travels have crisscrossed Africa over the last few months, and I’ve have had my temperature taken in Lagos, Nigeria’s Murtala Muhammed International Airport (both arriving and departing), in Bole International in Ethiopia and in Jomo Kenyatta International in Nairobi. I am in Kinshasa, Congo where we are ministering to new pastors who have come into Congress WBN. We have 11 prophets here, but two of them had to cancel their trip due to their own nation’s health policy, which would have required them to be quarantined upon returning home even though few incidents of Ebola are not part of the West Africa outbreak. Ironically when I landed at N’Djili International Airport in Kinshasa on Monday, it was the most hassle free and streamlined immigration process of all my recent trips and no temperatures were being taken.


The emergence of ISIS caught Western leaders flat footed in how to respond to a new and more aggressive jihadist threat then that posed by Al Qaeda. One senior American Army general who led combat operations in Iraq stated that “We were surprised by their regional ambitions, the speed of their advance into Mosul and the collapse of the Iraqi security forces”. This is a senior soldier in charge of training Iraq’s military, yet they could not foresee the collapse of the forces they had worked with in close quarters for years.

Navy Rear Admiral John Kirby at press conference

A State Department leader said somewhat hypocritically, “I’m not suggesting anyone was asleep at the switch, but ISIS definitely achieved strategic surprise when they rolled into Iraq”. Of course he was suggesting that very thing, and the only thing more questionable than the fight between the intelligence agencies that missed the call and the administration which made policy is the White House spokesman who declared “We continue to have the highest degree of confidence in our intelligence community to continue to provide advice”.

Beyond the battles currently raging across Iraq, Syria and the borders of Turkey, there is a real concern about those living in the West recruited to fight with ISIS. About 40% of the 30,000 ISIS fighters in the region are foreign, including: 1,000 French, 500 Brits, 300 Belgians, 400 Germans, 800 Russians and also citizens from Also Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, and Netherlands.¹ Three teenage girls from Denver skipped high school one day in October in order to fly to Germany and from there to Turkey to join ISIS. Their ages were 14 & 15, and they had secreted their passports from parents and stolen cash from them to purchase tickets.

Two incidents in Canada involved radicalized Muslims just days apart. One killed a police officer in Toronto by running him over with a car and the other killed a soldier and fired shots in Ottawa’s capital building. ISIS is using social media and other technology to spread their message and recruit, and has recently urged Muslims in the West to engage in lone wolf attacks which may have been behind the Canadian incidents.


One of the things these events have in common is the inability of national leaders to forecast them and to properly respond.

  • The first Ebola victim in the U.S. was Thomas Duncan, a  Liberian man who presented himself at a Dallas hospital with Ebola type symptoms, and told them plainly he had just traveled from one of the cities hardest hit with Ebola: Monrovia, Liberia. Somehow the information did not make it to the diagnosing physician, who sent the man home with a simple diagnosis of a viral infection. Federal and state authorities cannot agree on how to respond, as one local court overturned a state requirement for quarantine of a nurse recently returned from West Africa.
  • The rise of ISIS was not miraculous, yet it was not anticipated by intelligence analysts, one of whom said “To anyone watching developments in Iraq & Syria, the recovery and rise of ISIS should have been starkly clear” - should have been clear, but wasn’t! He acknowledged that “ISIS had an explicit strategy aimed at engendering the conditions that would lead to its accelerated rise”.

This lack of wisdom and insight as well as an inability to fix problems facing the nations is a key premise of The Arc of Empires. When God’s purpose requires nations to be broken, He “deprives the leaders of the earth of their reason; he sends them wandering through a trackless waste. They grope in darkness with no light; He makes them stagger like drunkards” (Job 12:24-25).  There are several imperatives from these verses that describe present conditions:

  1. God is Involved With the Crises. He deprives leaders of reason. He sends them wandering. He makes them stagger. One of the greatest needs of the Church is to come to know the God who is Sovereign, not just have a theological concept about God but actually know the God who is moving in the nations through crisis to bring to pass His redemptive purpose.
  2. The Problems Can’t be Fixed. God has removed wisdom from leaders, a word which describes both man’s moral conscience and also his ability to think through and resolve problems. The result is that leaders of nations and systems grope in the darkness and stagger like drunkards. For those who wonder how presidents and prime ministers can set such terrible policies and not see the direction their respective nations are going in, the Scriptures explain what is happening. Leaders have lost their conscience and moral character and they have also lost their competence and ability to think correctly and are left searching for answers to the increasing complexity caused by decline. The nations are in crisis, and no leader has the ability to fix the major problems facing man today.

Our Response

The crises in our day have the same meanings that destabilization and brokenness in Ancient Egypt meant for every believer – that God had heard their cries and was coming to deliver them. Just as it was for believers living under Pharoah’s bondage, God has heard the cries of the modern Church and He is releasing a series of plagues upon the nations that have one ultimate intention – to break us out of the oppression of mortality and bring us home to God. We can say the following:

  • The crisis in the earth is a sign of the presence of God and His readiness to bring deliverance. It is not a time to be uncertain or cowering in fear, it is day of deliverance and joy. This mentality and attitude is only possible if the Church is hearing accurately and responding to the words of accurate Apostolic Leadership in the church today. As Israel listened to the voice and words of Moses that served to steward them through the crisis of their day, so the Body of Christ today has to be effectively stewarded in the midst of the crisis. We must build churches, families, mentalities that make us 'immune' to the crisis invading the land. 
  • The crisis in the earth is God’s urgent call to the Church to engage in reformation and transformation. Churches across the earth are hearing the call of God to rise and build correctly. At the same time, God is purging His Church of false ministries, unethical leaders and oppressive methods that have kept God’s people in bondage.
  • The crisis in the earth signals a time for a mass movement of the Church to positions of final maturity in the Faith. The Church (you and I) must move towards greater and more emphatic Christ-likeness. We cannot afford to be immature in a time of crisis.
  • The crisis in the earth is God’s chosen environment for bringing the Church into mature partnership with Him to bring about the Finish of His purposes.

In short we can say that the crisis in the earth is designed to produce:

          ►  Faith not fear

          ►  Confidence not uncertainty

          ►  Participation not passivity

          ►  Movement not paralysis

          ►  Maturity not immaturity.

If these things are not present in us, we have to ask ourselves “what do we need to know about God that we don’t presently understand?”  Far from sending us into spirals of doubt and uncertainty and fear, the crises unfolding all around us should be recognized as God ordained circumstances which propel us deeper into Him as the light of the church arises in the midst of the darkness. That issue is what we devote the final 1/3 of The Arc of Empires to, and we will send out additional newsletters providing clarity and insight soon.

¹ Numbers of nationals who have traveled to Syria to fight with ISIS taken from the International Version of the New York Times, October 2, 2014


Barry Brickell | USA | November 6, 2014

What an awesome word from this article! We’re not to be scared of events around us, but moved to maturity. This is very encouraging to hear! Thank you, Scott Webster. I needed to hear this today. God bless you!

Jerry Harold | Mauritius | November 6, 2014

If was as if God is telling us who we are (our identity) in the midst of the crisis and he is revealing what he requires us to be as we walk through the crisis. The internal posture and activity of a believer is calibrated according to the movement and requirement of God and that means that if God is superintending events and crisis on the earth, who I am as a believer should be adjusted to the movement of God on the earth.
The question would be what is the internal ingredients that I need so that I can respond accurately to the crisis of the earth? And I think this article by scott answer that question.

steve Karura | Kenya | November 6, 2014

Truly we are in living in the End days and The only position we are required to take is that of Maturity which is characterized with the Knowledge , wisdom and sight of God. Only these qualities can take us to a place of partnering with God (Bringing his purposes to pass).
Also its true that no leader can lead the nation unless he is lead by God himself. Unless we drink from the WISE MASTER BUILDER, we dont have future.

Emmanuel Varathan | South Africa | November 6, 2014

He “deprives the leaders of the earth of their reason; -This can be seen even in the US, when Obama lost in the midterm election. World leaders do not have the answers any more and they are helpless in the present crisis. Two things that verify this is when the Malaysian airline was shot down, no one was brought to book up until to day. When Boko Haranm kidnapped the school girls months ago, no can rescue them until this day. That scripture is a sure word for this day.
Can arrangements be made for some copies of The Arc of Empires be made available in South Africa.

Ilya Spencer | Antigua and Barbuda | November 6, 2014

Sight is such a powerful thing.

john muma | Cameroon | November 7, 2014

faith not fear is a good posture. migration is required

kamau.james | Kenya | November 7, 2014

our faith grows stronger to understand that God is in control and behind crisis in the earth.
partnering with his sovereighnity as He moves in the earth breaking the systems and delivering the body of christ from the panks of mortality.
mountains are melting vallies are being lifted up.
is a season to move forward in God

Josphat | Kenya | November 7, 2014

As we all are aware, we must arise and shine as we are commanded by God in an environment of great darkness. This therefore demand that we be up light and very alert as the darkness is inevitable. Our response in such a time of crisis is to arise and take our position as the church so that God can reveal Himself to the rulers, principalities and kings of the earth using His sole agent, the church which is you and I.

Gary Hough | United States | November 8, 2014

Thanks for the resource and insight. It helps to clarify my purpose and keeps me focused on what I need to build and strengthen in my life. It is also becoming more apparent the attitude of if it is not happening in America it is not important.

Esther kiragu | Kenya | November 10, 2014

I want to be fully mature and aligned to God current movement and the leadership he has bestowed upon me to help me in this process that God has given to us of bringing his purposes to an end, and most deliberately in this process, come to a prophetic understanding that God is in control and I must be fully aware that he is doing all these for us who is the body of Christ. I want to hear in the end, welcome good and faithful servant.
Thank you.

Avril Fox-Pooran | Trinidad and Tobago | November 11, 2014

Reading this brings a sense of peace and purpose. Encouragement to keep living by Godly standards in the midst of a degenerating society/ nation. Paired with this is also a sense of urgency to reach out to those who do not have such peace in the midst of this crisis; to reach out to the lost, to shine ever so brightly so that they can find their way to the light (Christ in us) in the midst of the darkness. It reminds me of the scripture Isa 2:2-3 which speaks about the Lord’s house being raised high above everything, and people streaming to it in the last days. Why are they streaming to us? They are coming to know our ways. They are coming to find out what is causing us to shine in the midst of this darkness. They are coming for peace and a safety. They are coming to see the patterns, principles or tenets we live by. They are coming to see Christ. I therefore see two things namely:
1) God is indeed sending His gold through these crises and I must steward it well because I said He can trust me. I am accountable. 2) God is also coming for His gold, His people.

Diane Schultz | USA | November 12, 2014

Both the book, “The Arc of Empires,” and this article spur me on to become the person you have described: a person of faith, not fear; a woman of confidence, not uncertainty; a woman of participation, not passivity; of movement, not paralysis, and of maturity, not immaturity. I often think of the scripture where Jesus said, “When you see these things taking place, stand up, lift up your head, for your redemption draws near.” So instead of cowering and crying in these dark times, we should be standing tall in a spirit of anticipation and expectancy. This time of crisis could be our finest hour, a time to say to those who are in fear, to those whom we have influence over, “Follow me, as I follow Christ,” and then to lead them into the positions you have described.

Lloyd Peak | Jamaica | November 13, 2014

This is an excellent article, it really helps to give perspective and insight into the meaning and implications of these two major occurrences in the earth and provide relevant guidelines on how to respond correctly.

Colin | Republic of the Congo | November 14, 2014

I want that Prophet Scott Webstern pray for me , for my ministry. Please

Theophilus | South Africa | November 23, 2014

This is truly revealing. Thank you

John Maina Wanjaoh | Kenya | December 3, 2014

Thank you for this message that tells us that as we see the happenings, we must hear God speak. As we hear Him speak, our faith grows, our courage increases, our confidence shoots and we participate knowing that we are working to express Him on the earth.

Scott Webster | December 12, 2014

I read a story this week about the doctor in Dallas who missed the Ebola diagnosis on Thomas Duncan. “I was unaware of a 103-degree fever,” one Ebola symptom, the doctor, Joseph Howard Meier, wrote in answer to questions by the newspaper. “It appears in the chart, but I did not see it.” This is even greater evidence that wisdom is being removed. A fever is just about the first thing they check for when you go to the doctor, and to miss a 103 degree fever in an adult is truly astounding. Through the mistakes and blunders in the political, economic, social and even medical fields, God is exerting His will!

nehemiah mutune | Kenya | February 1, 2015

great insight

Christen Clark | England | February 14, 2015

This article brings to much clarity to my context - I can see what God is doing in the earth with new knowledge and wisdom.
I feel encouraged, because I have no more confusion. I feel secure, because I know what is required of me. I feel like I have purpose, because I know the position to which God has called me.
A very powerful message!

Scott Webster | February 27, 2015

Another update, this time regarding ISIS, which an FBI official declares they are losing the battle to on social media. Here is a quote from the article:

In fact, while U.S. authorities have been warning that thousands of Westerners recruited to fight with ISIS overseas could pose a threat to the U.S. homeland, that threat “is a small problem” compared with the group’s ability to reach into the United States and radicalize someone without anyone else knowing. Through its online campaign, ISIS is able to target radicalized Americans who are “frustrated” by an inability to leave the United States or just can’t afford it, according to Steinbach.“So what they’re doing is … saying, ‘Hey, if you can’t come to Syria, do something in the U.S. or Western countries,’” Steinbach added.

You can read the entire article at:—abc-news-topstories.html

Yolanda David | U.S | January 3, 2017

This article is very encouraging.  It is a reminder that God is in charge and that we do not need to panic. My faith is strengthed by these words. As the leaders of the earth fall further into darkness.  We are given more light.  Thank you for this timely article.  It is truly a God send.

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