Will America Be Restored? - Part 1

By Scott Webster
Mar 26, 2015

What a loaded question – especially in light of where the nation is presently.  As a prophetic voice in the nation I’m often asked that question, and it’s on the mind of everyone who lives here because the problems are on every front.


LOCKS ON RIVERS: Although they exist outside the sight of most of us, there is an extensive system of 192 locks on 12,000 miles of river across the country – most of it in need of extensive repair. The locks allow barges to transport goods, but they were built in the 1930s and are often broken, causing barges to have to wait all day to pass through.  The Corp of Engineers estimate it will cost $13 billion to fix the decay in existing locks, but that money isn’t available. With current budget limitations it will take until 2099 to complete repairs.  Delayed delivery of  goods  means sluggish industry and higher prices, especially in the agricultural and concrete industry which depend heavily on barge transport.

INTERSTATE HIGHWAYS: The Eisenhower Interstate system was built in the 1950s and much of it is “functionally obsolete”, including 10% of all bridges. The I-35 bridge in Minneapolis collapsed into the Mississippi river during rush hour in 2007, killing 13 and injuring 145. The roads are too small for the number of Americans using it – 42% of interstate highways are categorized as “congested”. One engineer said,  “We’ve used every Band-aid, every piece of duct tape, every wad of chewing gum we can to patch our way through.”

Some things are very obvious, like the rush towards redefining marriage, or the ineptness of the U.S. Congress to pass legislation. But other things are also in disrepair, one of them being the current state of disrepair of the physical infrastructure of the nation – see the sidebar.

The physical infrastructure of America needs a massive overhaul, but the cost for that is estimated at $3.6 trillion, only a fraction of which is budgeted.  The nation finds itself in a Catch 22; it doesn’t have the money to spend to improve the system due to a moribund economy and limited budgets, but if it doesn’t spend the money it risks squandering the lead it has enjoyed in the global economy over the last 50+ years.  This reality is evidence that the American empire is declining relative to the rest of the world, as one analyst said of the transportation system,  “What has been [the US’s] competitive advantage in infrastructure is at risk of being lost because it hasn’t kept infrastructure up to date.”

But the question of America’s restoration cannot be limited to rebuilding the physical infrastructure.  There is decline in other areas also, including the economy, political polarization producing gridlock, and a level of spiritual and moral decline that is patently obvious.  The question is a viable one – will the nation be restored to a place of strength, or will it continue to decline?

What Does the Lord Say?

What does the Lord say about the restoration of the nation?  That is the key question, and if you have read The Arc of Empires you understand that we declare prophetically that there is clear Divine purpose in the nations decline, and the deterioration will continue as God deals with the earth through a series of crises.  Not all agree; some claim other prophetic insights which contradict what we have put forth while others say that if we pray God could change His mind, as happened to Nineveh when impending judgment pronounced by Jonah was delayed for many years through the people’s repentance.

This examination
will allow readers
to test the prophetic
viewpoints about the
possibility of
America being

That leaves us with “competing” or contradictory prophetic views.  I am not interested in mounting a defense to try and prove my view right, nor do I have any desire to be adversarial or to attack other views.  But I’m very interested in helping people understand what God is speaking. Jeremiah’s key prophetic utterance was that Judah would be invaded by Babylon and broken by God, a word he declared in the first chapter of his book.  The next 51 chapters describe the drama that ensues after a true word from God is released, including:

✓ Jeremiah’s consistent efforts to get people to understand what the Lord was saying, and his ongoing hopes that they would respond properly.

✓ Working through the nation’s blindness which was rooted in a sense of entitlement and exceptionalism based in their religious history.

✓ The narrative describes how the nation responded to the word of the Lord – kings were deposed, foreign armies mobilized and dispatched, harvests withered / economic collapse, false prophets were confronted in the temple and some died – all as a result of God talking.

Beyond releasing a true word from the Lord, the real task lies in helping the people of God to understand and respond correctly.  Those that God wants to receive the word have to be led to a place of discernment so they know what is of the Lord and what is not, and there are clear Biblical instructions to do just that.

Prophecies, Prophecies, Prophecies…

In the midst of the varying prophetic utterances, some of which are directly opposed to one another, we have to know what God is saying.  Paul gave both instruction and warning about the prophetic when he said “Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good” (1 Thess 5:20-21). Note the first requirement – do not despise prophecies.  The word “despise” means to set something aside or to treat it with contempt because you see no value in it.  The voice of God has immense value – the Bible declares it is the foundation for all of life – so it cannot be set aside, neglected or diminished.  It is an unbiblical position to say “all these different prophecies are saying different things – I’m just going to dismiss all of them.”  That would be despising prophecies.

But not every word that people put forth is from God, therefore we have to “test all things” to ensure we aren’t being misled.  The Greek word for test is dokimazo; it means to try to learn the genuineness of something by examination.  It is also translated as examine or prove.  The instruction is to not accept all things that are put forth without a clear examination of them.  If a prophetic word cannot be tested – examined, searched through, and weighed against correct Biblical principles – we are obligated not to hold to it or base our life on it.

The key question is this:

How do you judge between the view we put forth
[that America will experience increasing levels of crisis and
there is Divine purpose in the decline of the nation] 
and those who say restoration will occur? 

How Do We Test It?

Both cannot be true – one is of the Lord and the other isn’t.  But we cannot simply wait to see which one proves true; that would be passive observation and rob us of partnership and exercising faith and growing towards maturity right now.  Therefore, there has to be some mechanism to spiritually assess the two prophetic views which are at variance.  We can do that by examining the systematic thought and the foundational assumptions upon which the opposing prophetic views are based. Testing these things – and verifying which prophetic position is of the Lord – is the purpose of this series of writings.  The series will have a systematic approach that consists of three components:

a) State of the Union
Some may not be fully aware of the present state of things in America, so in each article we will provide a short description that chronicles decline in the nation.  These events which reflect a downward trajectory are not causing the decline, they are evidence of it and we have to know how the word of the Lord is coming to pass.  We will cite the source of our information so you can go to news stories and links for further information.  In this first article we looked at the physical infrastructure of America, which is crumbling and very expensive to fix.

b) Platform for Inquiry
The second component consists of 6 principles that make up the platform we will stand on to look at what is happening in the nation.  Examining a prophetic utterance requires that we look through a spiritual lens, not a carnal one – so we will identify some of the blockages to spiritual sight.

c) Questions We Must Answer
This third component of the series is based on asking questions of those who hold the position that America will be restored.  It will examine some of the underlying assumptions that we hold which affect our thinking systems and therefore our ability to discern.

When it comes to the topic of American restoration, there are strong views based in emotion, personal opinion and fear but not nearly enough Biblically based principles and perspectives

The issue of America’s restoration evokes emotion, fear and a longing for signs of hope, and there are plenty of personal opinions which exist. However, there seems to be relatively little consideration of a sequential and comprehensive perspective of the Biblical principles which undergird the question.  This series addresses that lack and our goal is simple – we want to foster faith in your heart as you interact with what the Lord is doing in the nation.  We must be filled with courage, faith and hope – these are things the voice of God always releases into our lives because every word from God is redemptive in intent, even when it speaks about the decline of an empire.  That redemptive intent will be the topic of the next article in the series.

 Information and quotes on the physical infrastructure can be found at:

The Financial Times - U.S. Infrastructure: Broken System

NY Times - Barges Sit for Hours Behind Locks That May Take Decades to Replace


Cheryll Guesno | United States | March 26, 2015

We must agree with everything that the Lord Jesus Christ is saying about the hour we are in.The Lord does give His wisdom and guidance to His people.
Thank you, Scott Webster Ministries.

Gary Hough | USA | March 26, 2015

Thank you for reminding us God’s purposes are redemptive.  Redemption usually doesn’t happen how we would like to see it happen. Looking forward to the articles so we navigate the crises correctly and accomplish the purposes of God.

Antonia Walcott | Trinidad and Tobago | March 27, 2015

As this holds true at the large corporate level so to the personal level. It will teach me to examine past “words” that have been declared in my life and not just to simply wait to see if it come true in passive mode. I can now discern between true and false speaking of God in my own life as well on a national and global level.

Johane Gaonne | Botswana | March 27, 2015

This is God’s timing and the world’s wisdom has come to the end. We thank God for what He is doing on earth and it’s time to hear His current speaking inside this chaos. It’s like I can hear the Lord say to me “Don’t be dispair, don’t be shaken, hear my voice and listen to me carefully”. Because it’s not about America but the whole world.


Bisham Jim Seeraj | Trinidad and Tobago | March 27, 2015

Amazing Scott how we can forget what God says and used declaration to avoid it, it’s a clear reminder that His word don’t change, I am hearing equalization the mountain coming down and the valley rising – today the super need support.

Danielle Adefolaju | Nigeria | March 27, 2015

This has further clarified how to hear and respond correctly to the prophetic dimension. The authenticity and precision with which this was delivered adjusts issues on the inside of my life and makes me to see even more clearly the need to always align with God and His divine purpose/preferences. Looking forward to the follow up articles.

Dakat Jelkyes Jacob | Nigeria | March 28, 2015

This is great!
We thank God because ‘all things work together for our good’/ finish.
if Babylon continue to stand, it will continue to be a distraction to many whose discernments are very weak.

I thank SWM for allowing itself to be very relevant in its posture to make men/us see accurately.!
We bless the lord!

okpe Joe Agbo | Nigeria | March 28, 2015

I thank God for SWM as it has helped to sharpen our sight. It has given us a resolute and intense focus on what God is doing. Thank God that even in the fulfilment of His purpose, He is still redemptive. I see the power of divine sovereignty working in my life and the earth generally. This word has also helped me to deal with the issue of being passive and becoming resolutely sure of what God is doing and what He will do.

Marlene Wright | USA | March 29, 2015

What a time for insight into God’s purposes/redemption and maturely look at what has been planted in us other the years as Americans and Christians.  I am re-reading Arc of the Empires after seeing this article.

Michael LoBianco | Japan | March 29, 2015

Just as the book “Arc of Empires” application applies to all nations as God deals with national development: its purpose, lifecycle and eventual decline; so too the principles given in this article also gives further insight into the mind of God. Look forward to engaging with this series.

Arnold Muriith | Kenya | March 30, 2015

Indeed the speaking of God brings greater illumination and thus allowing us to partner with Him in fulfillment of His Purpose. This is an enlightening document which should illuminate the hearts of every believer which will cause our faith, hope to increase as we see the Sovereignty of God as He accelerates His purpose in the globe.

Cathrona Samuel | Antigua and Barbuda | March 30, 2015

God wants us correctly positioned inside of what He is doing, and I think that is a clear indication of His heart and His redemptive nature. He doesn’t want the manifestation of His purpose to catch us unaware, but He wants us to be able to partner with Him and hold on to His ultimate intent in the midst of what on the surface may seem tragic. I know that this series will help us to see that.

Elizabeth Moore | USA | April 3, 2015

God is restoring to His church a people who will no longer despise His words! In the midst of such an expansive world where technology spreads anyone’s thoughts and declarations by the mere push of a button, it is easy to understand why so many people have become guarded and closed off to the prophetic. However, God is interested in raising up people who not only refuse to treat His words with contempt but will take the time to examine, search through and weigh them against correct Biblical principles. I am really looking forward to this series and allowing it to translate into my individual life as well.

John Udonsak | Nigeria | April 8, 2015

This clarification is very enlightening and indeed applies to nations other than America.  I appreciate the caution on treating with prophecies; that they should not be despised but tested for authenticity based on biblical principles.

Pastor Nobahle Mkabayi | South Africa, Cape Town. | May 12, 2015

GOD is Great. GOD is Sovereign. All HIS promises will come to pass, if only we seek HIS Kingdom first. HE promises not to leave nor forsake us.HE always e encourages us not to fear, not to doubt, not to be discouraged. HE promises to hold us with with HIS Right Righteous Hand.HE promises to walk in front of us and fight our battles. HE invites us to give HIM all our heavy burdens in return for rest. HE is a Masterpiece. Nothing is impossible to HIM. HE is the Creator of the Universe America including.  GOD willing America will be restored. Nothing about HIM happens without HIM. America must seek GOD’S face, by, amongst other things stopping being greedy . America must stop stealing Africa’s mineral resources , to mention just few. Glory to GOD in HIS Holy Highest Sanctuary. Amen.

Tunde Soetan | Nigeria | May 16, 2015

The issue of correct sight cannot be over-emphasised here, because true and accurate sight is needed at this time. The Truth is our stronghold and navigation. It is call to awake us all to walk in the truth and embrace it.

Renae Betten | United States | May 18, 2015

The section of the article that highlights the need to know how to get through the crisis makes the most sense in choosing which word to believe. To me, it parallels with the historical account of the Israelites being led out of Egypt through the word Moses gave the people. It wasn’t as important to focus on the plagues, but to listen and obey so his people would be released from their oppressors. If they didn’t listen in order to follow, their families and perhaps the whole nation of Israel would have collapsed with the Egyptians and not be freed. I don’t usually look at the story in that way, but that’s what is being highlighted to me when I read the message in this article as a call to listen with the intent of following.

Of the two prophetic words being projected in my nation, one word provides a way to follow, which is the one that the nation will continue to decline, and the other calls to the nation’s historical roots, which is tracking earth based events and filled with pride. Perhaps they’re relying too much on the success of “works” to prove to God that the nation is worthy of restoration, but we know what the scripture says about those who perform works but those hearts are far from Him. I believe the scripture also calls these works as filthy rags. The nature of who God is doesn’t count works as a reason to save someone or even a nation. This idea leads one away from truth. The other, accurate, word leads us toward God by following Him through the crisis. He may not restore the nation, but He is making a way for those who will believe the word that leads to truth, Him.

Martin Gitahi | Kenya | June 3, 2015

This is very informative and guiding on how to evaluate prophesies. Thanks for laying the foundation upon which we can use to test every word spoken in the name of the Lord. I look forward to this series. Thanks Scott Webster.

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