Core Definers of the Prophetic

By Scott Webster

As we walk with God towards the End of the Age the nations will continue their downward spiral into conflict and crisis. In the midst of the turmoil God is strengthening his Church, building people who are strong of spirit, clear in purpose and able to withstand the assaults of darkness. The role of the prophetic is key to the process. When correct prophetic functionality is present in the Church, it produces people who are full of faith, resolute and courageous. Today, God is releasing His voice with new clarity through His prophets, and He is equipping the entire Body of Christ to be more prophetic. The Core Definers of the Prophetic will provide you with the insight and principles to help you walk powerfully and accurately in God’s purpose, in your home, in your Church and in the world!


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Scott Webster

Scott Webster serves on the Core Leadership Council of Congress WBN, a unique, faith-based organization, networking churches, businesses, professionals and students in over 100...