The Arc of Empires

By Scott Webster & Marlon Jameson

This book deals with what Christ defined as the biggest challenge of the last days - deception. Crisis is hitting the earth with increasing intensity and the urgent battle is for sight of God in the midst of it all. This book reveals how God is Sovereign over these events and how they are marshaling the nations towards the fulfillment of His ultimate plan. The Arc of Empires provides a compelling description of the macro-design of God's End-time movements and identifies how we need to position ourselves in order to find hope, confidence and salvation in the midst of the downward spiral of the world's systems.


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Scott Webster

Scott Webster serves on the Core Leadership Council of Congress WBN, a unique, faith-based organization, networking churches, businesses, professionals and students in over 100...

Marlon Jameson

Marlon Jameson is an Executive Attaché in the Office of the President, Congress WBN (C-WBN) and shares responsibility for the design, execution and management of C-WBN’s global...

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