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While nations are being shattered, God is equipping His Church for Ultimate Victory

Two movements are taking place in the earth. Nations, their economies and wider societies are being hit by “plagues” just as Ancient Egypt was. But the point of the crisis is not just to shatter nations, behind it all is God’s desire to resource His people and bring His Church to maturity. Just as the Children of Israel were equipped and empowered by God through the raising up of Godly leaders like Moses and Joshua, God is releasing supernatural enablement to His people through the ministries of modern apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, all of whom are coming into a new building capacity. For the last 12 years Scott has served on the Apostolic Core Team of Congress WBN, which has multiplied hundreds of churches across 95 nations. His burden for church leaders to be equipped and for churches to be healthy has produced significant partnerships with pastors and church leaders both in the U.S. and across the nations.

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Lalita - New Zealand

Thank you for your wisdom insight and clarity

Carolyn Wainohu - New Zealand

When our perception is global it allows us to see the perspectives...

Jacob Oduor - Kenya

Wow this very Deep and everything captured my attention including...


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