Hibbing, MN - Strengthening the Core of the Family

By SWM Editors
Dec 6, 2013
Location: Hibbing MN

If you would like to attend this seminar, please contact:

Omega Centre International 

Hibbing Business Center 

522 East Howard St  Suite 070  Hibbing, MN 55746

Event Date: Fri 6th - Sun 8th  Dec 2013

Email: omega7@mchsi.com

Telephone: 218-969-5157


Esme Cassidy | South Africa | December 24, 2013

Do you have any Audio on this Im afraid it a bit far for me to come at tis time, The issue for me is not enough is given on Single parenting ,I would like more structure on how ,I am a widow and definitely not looking at building marriage now but rather to strengthen my current position with my young daughter of 10 . We do not have relationship with extended family for many years now but thats ok because I understand I can see, but yes some audio would be great on this matter.

Alimi.Korovulavula | Fiji | January 1, 2014

I came to know who Mr Webster is when I go through BSM class (2013) it such an mazing session to hear the Prophetic dimension and what a beauty to see the how God really change my life by through the deepest resources that he downloads to our Leaders Heart.

Thank You God.

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