Mountain Plains Men’s Summit- Report

By Report by Dennis Allender
Oct 20, 2013
Location: Spearfish, SD
Equipping men to live strongly in the end times.

Report by Dennis Allender, Senior Elder of The Summit

Intense and empowering; this describes the spiritual atmosphere at the Mt. Plains Men’s Summit in the Black Hills of South Dakota in October of 2013. Scott Webster and Steve Schultz teamed together to inform, instruct, challenge, and minister to men gathered from across the Midwest. With a theme of “Equipping Men to Live Strongly in the End Times”, Scott and Steve delivered powerful prophetic perspectives on what it means to be a man of God in the increasing crisis in America and in the earth.

The primary emphasis of the weekend was to “equip” the men through a greater understanding of “who” they needed to become in Christ as sons, brothers, and leaders. While the men were blessed by the teaching and ministry, the larger emphasis was on helping them build greater internal strength and stability. After each teaching session the men spent time sharing their hearts and praying for one another in small discussion groups. These small groups allowed the information they were hearing to be applied to their own personal situation. Men were encouraged and strengthened as they opened up their hearts to one another. Friendships were built and a greater sense of brotherhood was established during these practical and informal times of personal sharing and ministry. As Steve Schultz told us, “You can't discover what true manhood is all by yourself”.    

Beyond the sheer volume of information and teaching, an even stronger dimension of spiritual impartation was delivered to all the men. The impartation of the Holy Spirit given to these men included the grace to see themselves correctly and the faith to ascend to a new level of manhood and spiritual development. Scott and Steve imparted a sense of hope, encouragement, strength, faith, and a new awareness of the importance of connecting our hearts with other men. Everyone received a deeply embedded sense of the spiritual requirement to live with a greater level of self sacrifice and spiritual warfare in this hour.

In the last session of the weekend, Scott and Steve spent considerable time ministering prophetically to the men with incredible accuracy and insight. The word of the Lord given to each man was relevant, practical, insightful, and empowering. Beyond the emotion of the moment, these men were elevated in their understanding of God’s intent for their lives. The impartation of the Spirit left each man feeling a sense of hope and faith. The words also brought healing and clarity to issues that were difficult to understand personally. God truly knows each of us by name and he knows our inner workings for sure. Each man was challenged and strengthened with enough teaching and grace to think about and apply for months to come. This was truly an incredibly empowering weekend for every man in attendance. We each left with a new degree of hope in our hearts and a new, more accurate outlook on who we are in Christ and on God’s intent and purpose for each one of us. 


Arnold Muriithi | Kenya | February 20, 2014

As men we have to be strong. We must continuously build spiritual mass in our inner man so as to carry the weight of building our families accurately. This is truly beautiful. God is great!

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