Long Beach, CA - Strengthening the Core of the Family Report

By David Copp II
Nov 8, 2013
Location: Long Beach, CA

Report by David Copp II, City At The Cross

Overview of Event

Two church communities (Metro City Church from San Bernadino and City At The Cross in Long Beach) gathered together November 8-10 in Long Beach for a Family Seminar led by Scott Webster, a member of the Apostolic Core Team of Congress WBN and founder of Scott Webster Ministries. The event began on Friday night, went through Saturday and finished on Sunday morning. There were about 160 in attendance with participants ranging from age 12-80. There were teenagers, single parents, single adults, married couples, divorcees, and grandparents present all ready to receive from the Lord Kingdom resource to build strong families in this generation.

Summary of Impact

The impact of the seminar was tangibly powerful and poignantly timely for us right now at this present time. In the middle of crisis, darkness, and the moral decay of our society and culture, parents, grandparents, young couples, and every family member are all wondering if it is indeed possible to have strong, healthy, and successful families in these days. What we found is that not only does God want us to build strong families in these days, but it is actually possible to do so if we build them according to kingdom principles and values! I used the word “tangible” to describe the effect of the seminar because the word means:  “Perceptible by touch, clear, and definite”. We all left the Seminar with sight of divine resource able to be actually touched by us. It was a clear and definite Word from God that was imparted into each one of us no matter our personal situation. It was not just teaching. It was not just good principles and encouragement. It was an impartation.


God gave me a strange image that accurately describes the impartation. I was reminded of those clear breath mint strips that you place on your tongue that melts in your mouth. I saw the impartation the Scott brought to us as one of those large clear strips that fell onto us all that weekend and soaked into our spirits and our minds. It was like the prophetic and apostolic grace of Scott, his journey, his life-story of he, his wife, and his family, settled down upon us and ultimately soaked into us! We were taught, encouraged, strengthened, challenged, adjusted, and equipped to build strong families in a world that seems to have gone crazy with darkness. Our young men and women were equipped for the days to come when they will begin to build families. Our present home-builders were strengthened and given tangible resource to build their families. Every aspect of our community was filled with the grace of God to do this thing called Family! Below are some comments from various members of those who attended the family seminar.



Please write out a brief summary of the impact of the seminar on you personally.

A.C. (Married mother of two teenage boys)

I felt a demand from God to change my prayer life. I feel a strong pressing demand from God to “constant powerful prayer”. Prayer that is accurate, prayer with sight and understanding of the times, prayer with knowledge of the Spiritual stage of each member of my family and knowledge of the will of God for their lives and my life. I felt God giving me prayer as the only weapon that can ensure my families succes through the times to come.  When Scott Webster prayed for us to receive prophetic sight for our families I felt God through him gave us a weapon and the authorization to not only posses it and carry it, but also use it.  I felt my prayer being empowered to a different level.


C.C. (Married father of two college boys)

In this day when the family is under increasing attack, it is good to hear a clear prophetic voice opening up God's word to us on God's design for our families. It gives me a desire to be a better father and husband. To be all that He has destined me to be in Him. Scott brings God given insight that is needed in this day.


C.P. (Single mother of two teenage girls)

The primary personal impact of the seminar was to remind me of the PURPOSE of God within my family. That my family is not just "my primary place of 'ministry'" but that my family is in fact the vehicle God uses to execute His purposes in the Earth. I came away deeply empowered in the grace of God to lead my family as He has called me to, particularly as a single mother and with the prayer and impartation for us.


M.P. (Married grandmother)

Scott Webster presented the importance and weightiness of Family to God's ultimate purpose very clearly. Each one has a role in the purpose of God, whether one is married, has children, or not. God has given us His grace and knowledge to build strong enduring families by using His apostolic ways in each of our homes. God's love for Family was emphasized and Scott made it very clear to all that we were not to be discouraged by our shortcomings.  This was not the purpose of this seminar.  Rather we are to be encouraged to correct ourselves and trust God as He is enabling us to go forward with authority and strength, being "unshutdownable" as we face our future fortified in HIM as we Build following His Plan.


T.G. (Married father of six college / adult children)

As a father and a husband it became clear that the success of a godly family includes the commitment and effort of every individual of the family but mostly that of the father and/or husband. I personally felt the whole time that God was speaking directly to me while everyone politely listened in.


T.S. (Married father of three infant children)

What I came away with from the seminar was a confidence that I can build my family in such a way so that in forty years my kids and their kids will be building their lives upon and walking in Kingdom reality and that I can occupy a position of familial headship.  Also, that I do have the capacity to build structures and hedges so that my wife and kids will be 'shaded' by my covering at all times. It gave me a lot of peace about being able to successfully raise three kids.


S.M. (Divorced mother of two elementary / middle school children)

The seminar impacted me in several ways.  There are some principles that impacted me greatly and made me realize that I need to walk more firmly and securely in apostolic ways.  Scott talked about two important principles: walking in apostolic authority and strategically building your family.  Scott's stories about his family life and his ministry life greatly impacted me.  In his stories you see how he moved in apostolic authority and how he didn't just pray for a great family, he strategically built and governed his family.  I have been lacking in these two areas.  I have not focused on strategically building my family, nor have I been walking in the apostolic authority that God has given me as the mother and the leader of my two daughters.  I have to change.


What process needs to take place in you before you utilize the principles of Building the House and describe the initial conversation that you will have with your family?


C.A. (Married with no children, but father figure to several)

I MUST know the ways of God a lot better than I do now through more intensive reading of the Bible to fully utilize the Building the House principles. The first conversation I'll have with Sadiqa is her ideas of what we need to do to make our house even stronger. We believe that in the near future we will be adopting our nephew and his newborn brother). We know for God to make this happen we have to pass His inspection


D.P. (Married with three college age children)

I need to take assurance and become more confident in my ability to lead with my wife.  I have suggested that we start incorporating some things, but have been hesitant in instituting them.  In years past, my ‘taking the lead’ was not done correctly and came across as domineering.  Because of this fear of messing things up back then, I have become more timid in trying to lead.  Communicating these thoughts and insecurities has resulted in helping me to ‘lead’ and not waiting for her to ‘meet me half way.’


E.N. (Single young adult woman)

I have been thinking of my parents and identifying some of the Apostolic ways which they live according and relating that to my own life. In listening to some of the Apostolic ways that Scott shared I am wanting those ways to become my ways. I am now engaged in a process of identifying those ways and asking God to help me make them a reality in my own life. A conversation that I am wanting to have with my family is to identify what are the Apostolic ways for our family and making them a part of my life.


M.M. (Husband of two young children)

The process that needs to take place in me is to learn to LET GO of worries of the world (car repairs/upgrades, house repairs/upgrades, paying bills/school, work projects, siblings, etc.) and focus on building my spiritual core. The initial family conversation will center around planning our daily evening tasks among all of us to leave enough time to build the family's spiritual core as well as just playing together.


Esme Cassidy | South Africa | February 14, 2014

Very inspiring I hope we can get this on Audio>

Esme Cassidy | South Africa | April 5, 2014

Could we please have one of these seminars in South Africa we really need it.

RACHEL BENJAMIN | United States | October 21, 2014

I hope New York is on the map for a family engagement seminar also.

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