Invitation to Dialogue

By Scott Webster
Mar 23, 2014


anthony | South Africa | March 24, 2014

How do I get a copy of this book and also A developed prophetic perspective

Kristen Brown | United States | March 24, 2014

Anthony - You can get a copy of each book by going to this page:

Ernesto Soto | Mexico | March 24, 2014

El Libro es una perpesctiva profetica del cronometro de Dios para nuestro ahora en cada regiĆ³n del planeta
Para liberar los recursos del Reino atravez de. Nosotros sus conductos ahora

(SWMAdmin - Here is the translation:
” The book is a prophetic perspective on the timer (Chronometer) of God for today in every region of the planet to release the resources of the kingdom of God through us, His conduits for this time.”) 

sheldon Charles | Trinidad and Tobago | March 26, 2014

This book was indeed an eye opener for me that caused me to have “selah” moments. What has riveted in my spirit is that the sovereignty of God is real and has always being real is just that I had no sight and wrong understanding. I must admit in times past I used the term “God is in control” but it had no depth and no substance in it. This book has changed that posture to one where I KNOW that God is really is in control of events that is taking place in my life and the world at large. Thanks Scott Webster for giving yourself over to God so that you can enlighten us.

hugues | United States | April 1, 2014

hi,  I watch some video about the arc of empires what wonderfull message for us to understand about the sovereignty of god he make the nation great and lead them away. we need to stand to a secure place when the crisis are present in the world.

pat barker | United States | April 29, 2014

Early in the book it was stated that a couple hundred key people from 30 nations in this ministry met and it seemed their was a further turn of the hearts of the fathers to the children and I believe this book surely is a extention of that. I do know it has stirred the hearts in my house, as my wife said to me “I’ll never look at things the same way again”. What a book!!! It’s been said that “if you have the real Jesus, you’ll want everyone to have what you have”...I feel this way about this book, there are so many people I want to read it. Other than the Bible, I don’t read much…and this book was captivating to me and was wisdom filled!! Going back through it, I gleaned more and I’m sure there’s much more to come.

I believe this book needs to be in many peoples hands…and especially key leaders in the church, people in the media, people that are in church media and all the saints that have prophetic vision and don’t want to wander aimlessly. It is so thought provoking and challenging…it really challenges the status quo, the heart and mindsets in our lives. My prayer is that the book, it’s authors are granted access to the venues, forums, stages that I believe this message needs to be revealed on.

At times while reading the book, I felt like prayer was not an option, and truthfully, maybe it wasn’t, at least in what God’s bigger plans were.  While I agree with Scott that many of our personal and corporate prayer initiatives have not been heard by God…I do believe that “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”...and that “righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach (disgrace) to any people”  I believe in praying for reformers, righteous men and women (on every level) who fear God and are set on executing His plans and purposes in this nation. Needless to say they won’t blend well with the current Washington power structures. Guess what I am saying is that “men ought to pray and not faint (lose heart).....believe we need refining on what to pray about. While this nation is surely in decay and decline, this nation can still have the best wine for last! Real joy in the midst of darkness and tribulation for a people that are consecrated to Him. Accurate preparation (adjusting and equipping) is so key in this hour. I thank God for this book that is a furthering of that preparation!!

Pat and Cheryl Barker
Florida USA

Cheryl Barker | United States | May 2, 2014

  I have a question ....As I am reading and going through the work book, I found the question I have been asking myself for awhile now.  How does this impact your prayer life?  This changes the way I look at everything in life and the way I am praying but I am still not sure how to pray ...I know Gods will on earth as it is in heaven but what about when Moses interceded for Israel that God wouldn’t kill them and when Abraham prayed for Sodom.  As my husband and I were talking about this I found he had the same question.  I guess I am wondering if we as Gods people can still intercede and change Gods heart / mind?

hugues bamenga | United States | August 19, 2014

I thanks god for his word we receive from this books to lead us to stand to secure place when crisis is growing in the earth, we rising up in the light acknowledge of his presences with us today we understand darkness is working to accomplish the purpose of god.

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