A Secure Place to Stand

By Scott Webster
Nov 21, 2013


Seini Raiko | Fiji | November 25, 2013

I am so encouraged by the imperative to build the inner family first and foremost with Kingdom values and that be the platform for the Body of Christ to show the accurate patterns of God.  This state is tantamount to the maturity that says “we are too big for this system” and it is indeed a joy and creates a state of being at peace that secures the family in this crisis.

Mercy Gachengechi-Minywe | Kenya | December 4, 2013

Really balanced and accurate perspectives to Crisis. God wants us to Know what He is doing, so that we can be ready to stand and represent him in the midst of it all, by exemplifying a victorious life lived in understanding of Gods greater plan and intent and how i fit in into it. He wants us manifesting stability, Christ-likeness, soberness, accurate and vibrant expressions of faith in all our lives even as we go through crisis in our day. Not manifesting fear, brokenness and disillusionment that comes from ignorance of His Intent. May I -we be found faithful!

Sylvester T. Fatorma | Liberia | May 13, 2014

Obedience to a clear mandate to contineously upgrade

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