Elijah: Our Pattern for Understanding the Crisis

By Scott Webster
Oct 19, 2013
After an intense year in 2010, we have entered 2011 with a bang in terms of more destabilizing and unexplainable occurrences.

Floodwaters continue to surge in Australia and quite apart from the lives and homes directly affected, the worldwide steel industry will take a direct hit since this region of Australia provides 75% of the world’s coking coal, a necessary ingredient in steel manufacturing. This could have big ramifications for economic growth, or slowing down the growth, in China and beyond. Meanwhile, the U.S. has exceeded $14 trillion in debt, a number that required Congress to raise the ceiling on debt so that the country was not declared to be in default based on its own laws. It seems that crisis and turbulent events continue unabated, and we have to understand what the spiritual realities are behind these natural events. We have to be prophetic!

View this fourth Prophetic Brief in the series What in the World is Going On? 


Ashley | United States | October 25, 2013

This prophetic brief is very impacting to me

Isaac | Fiji | October 25, 2013

Thank you for sharing this

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