Elijah & The Present Crisis

By Scott Webster
Oct 23, 2013
There is a clear spiritual explanation and powerful Biblical rationale behind the series of crises which are striking the earth at this time.

The global financial crisis was not caused solely by natural factors; natural events in the nations are not simply the result of normal or rational processes and physical outcomes.

There are spiritual realities which lie behind: a) economic cycles b) political processes c) the emergence of nations on the world scene. In this Episode, we look at 6 unmistakable parallels between Elijah and the present economic meltdown.


Rosebell Muthee | Kenya | December 5, 2013

Now this is indeed is a true picture of what is happening today in the globe.Its only those who are in operating with the Elijah Dimension will go to the end of the crisis.Total dependency on God and being led by the power and spirit of God into the end.Thanks Scott Webster for the powerful insight God empower you richly.

Martin Chavez | Mexico | December 19, 2013

Me es muy edificante ver, Oir estas enseƱanzas. Bendiciones

DIDO Kienge | Kenya | May 12, 2014

And this is wonderful

Precious Manyathi | South Africa | June 15, 2015

Need to discern the times
This just ajusted me. on my thinking and the way I view the world and the crisis. thank you

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