God is Redemptive

By Scott Webster
Nov 22, 2013


VOLAU | USA | November 26, 2013


Antonia Walcott | Trinidad and Tobago | November 27, 2013

After listening to God is Redemptive, it gives me courage to endure through the hard times. This is something I’ve heard before in my own church community but reminding myself of it gives me another “zap of strength”. The best way i can explain it, is when I go to the gym and i’m going through exercise after exercise after my long 12 hr day. I don’t see immediate results and on many occasions want to stop as my body is already tired from standing for long durations at a time. The school day is long, taxing and tedious which is then followed be instructions and at times scoldings from my trainer.My small bursts of encouragement comes when in casual conversation someone enquirers if I’ve been working out. It reminds me of why I go to the gym after a 12 hrs of standing, bending, lifting and restraining animals. This message reminds me of why I need to keep walking and not get tired or weary of striving for accuracy through pain and extremely real and increasing crisis, when it seems like at times nothing is letting up.

Ringo McClutchie | Australia | November 28, 2013

Awesome revelation as its shifting my personal position inside my commitments in the purposes of our sovereign God.

Adeola Ogedengbe | Glasgow | November 30, 2013

This whole week I have been reflecting on the suffering and pain of my rough past life and my present pain and the goodness of God in the mist of it all. All through this week I constantly thanked God for His grace and His redemptive heart that enable me to stand. My faith in Him remains unshakeable.
This morning as I listened to this video I know I am not alone in this journey. I thank God for His with-you-ness.
Please listen to this and be encouraged that you are not alone. God is redemptive towards us all regardless of what you may be going through or whatever is happening around your geographical location. God is still Sovereign.

Connie Cantin | | November 30, 2013

What struck me is the comment by Marlon when he said that God’s redemption is not in the event, that is, he mentions that in the Bible it is not said that death is joyous, good etc at the moment, but it is through the progression of experiences that God redeems.  It’s an eventual “thing” and God is going after the formation of my and your future.  We as americans and I presume people in general, look for a quick fix, a denial of reality, a faith in self, a faith in earthly things but as the earth declines, governments collapse, financial systems fail there is no other place to look than UP!

Adeh Angela Imenzosefoh | Nigeria | November 30, 2013

This indeed is strengthening, which means God’s redemptive power is to develope kingdom structures in me, mature me and build me concerning His purposes on earth. Also to learn to keep my gaze on God continally in every life circumstances.

Ruth Li | Trinidad and Tobago | December 4, 2013

This has been a very pertinent and explosive discussion. Thank you for it. I am really glad that Graham asked the question of how you manage the human pain. This is something that is very real to me. Walking through the pain (even often without being able to connect it to the intended outcome) is true expression of one’s love for God’s way. Recognizing and believing in His sovereignty, trusting Him, knowing (and submitting to it) that in the midst of the unpleasantries and tears, He has us wired to a purposeful grand plan. Jesus and many of our forefathers did it in their time and in the context of their life and their calling. We, who live in a different time can do it because He has assured us and give us guidelines in His Word and by his Spirit. We can engage in it and commit to upholding His pristine standing principles in the midst of the pain as we subscribe to being reformed and transformed by His template. I also echo what Marlon said; that there are some things we would not learn if it were not for the ‘crisis’. Despite the tears, we can be at peace and rest in Him. I look forward to reading the book.

clinton vincent | Trinidad and Tobago | December 8, 2013

Thank you

hugues bamenga | USA | December 21, 2013

thank scott for blessing us with this book I need to know how to buy it and contribute for advance of the kingdom of god. this book open our sigth so I can continue to tracking god in every situation

Christine Kamau | Kenya | February 26, 2014

Thank you for this great Video.  Scott’s comment that “We have to know God’s heart before we can understand His capacity to control our outcomes” really caught my attention.  The reason why we do not easily embrace the doings of God is because we do not seek to understand His heart behind that particular occurrence!  We must seek to know the “Bigger Picture” and refuse to be caught up in the moment.  This knowledge will in turn enable us to embrace ALL that God allows to come our way - whether good or bad…trusting that HE DOES ALL THINGS WELL!  The other thing that comes to me is the fact that our journey begins and ends in Him. So what happens on our track (our divinely prepared course) is all dependent on Him and He determines what is necessary for each of us to go through, in order to produce that which He wants to see in us.  So let’s embrace His processes with enthusiasm and great faith knowing that every circumstance is an opportunity to become a better vessel!
Thank you Scott & Marlon!

Evah Nyagah | Kenya | March 7, 2014

WHEN I UNDERSTAND GOD’S PURPOSE, I UNDERSTAND HOW MY PAIN FITS INTO IT. Listening to this message has been so liberating for me; understanding that my pain will ultimately produce GOOD; that my pain is part of the journey, part of my progression towards the good God intended for my life. Thank you! You’ve spoken to my life; with joy I lift up my eyes and set my heart upon the end. I truly needed this message; my life makes a lot more sense right now.

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