Interview on “Den Profetiske Røst”

By Scott Webster, Per Ivar Winnæss
Apr 16, 2016
Per Ivar Winnæss is founder of Roaring Lamb prophetic ministry, located in Norway, close to Drammen. Scott Webster is guest in this English episode of "Den Profetiske Røst".


Esme Cassidy | | September 8, 2016

Listening to this today has given me such great sight into my current circumstances and how to get out this also requires me to live by faith while correcting lifestyle and journeying towards a more christlike character in all its facets. I have been in Congress 16 yrs and have grown but NEVER have I had such a clarity at this moment as to how to go forward from the place im in.I pray that many people in Congress will come to this same insight I have not been able to stop writing down my implementation plans since yesterday they are divine God is here with me although in my human mind I may be thinking that my life is going to be quite difficult to get into the correct place because it will be a constant dying to self-day by day but I hear God saying that he will restore my joy and it will not be as I think .

George | kenya | October 24, 2016

profoundly enlightened

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