The Nature of the Prophetic Word

By Scott Webster
Nov 20, 2013


Eva mwara | KENYA | December 24, 2013

The message on Psalms 127- the architecture of a house brought clarity on family.

Stephen Warukira | U.S.A. | December 27, 2013

It is now clear that crisis are not only meant for judgement and destruction, but also for the establishment of God’s Will - Redemption for His people. As such, I think it is of great importance to discern the meaning of each crisis and not just pray against them, lest we pray against what God is doing. The right approach is to have the right posture in our spirit that is affirmative with what God is fulfilling with the crisis.such posture helps in adjusting our views, knowledge, expectations and focus, to that released by God through the message of the crisis. We will be required to drop somethings completely to embrace the new ones as released by God. That way, we will say, “God this is Your Will, Let It be done.”, and we will not weaver but go through the crisis strong and joyfully.

Kemeny J | Canada | February 17, 2014

The word that stands out for me is clarity. This book provides such a strong sense of clarity into what God’s doing in the earth and I do believe it’s because the foundation of this prophetic word sits upon a solid biblical base. My hearts cry for all who are able to read this book is really for spiritual sight to be opened and for His great will to be done. It causes me to look inward, to engage more in the development of my own process and pursue maturity with greater vigor, so that I can truly partner with Him in these times. I’m very blessed with this prophetic word!

ANDREW MURIUKI | Kenya | March 28, 2014

  This book and the Word Of The Lord are very strong boosters for ELEVATED SIGHT so that our lives are not under the bondage of Satanic Systems that are deceiving the Nations today and putting the Church in a captivity of blindness and ignorance of the Word OF God , the Will and Purpose of God today and in the days to come.

I see the faithfulness and the love of God to His church through this book and the sessions in that He has not left us in darkness like sheep without a Shepherd but have given us strong prophetic shepherds to keep us safely in Him and with Him as we progress to the ultimate finish.

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