Simplicity vs Complexity

Nov 21, 2013


Martin Chavez | Mexico | January 29, 2014

Me gusto, es muy edificante

Joel Hogu | United States | May 1, 2014

After watching this session. I felt impacted to stretch the borders of my mind on how I see the world even more.  The tendency is to view life through my immediate surroundings or through a formula,  but this session challenged me to look at life in many layers instead of on the surface.  The need to find God’s perspective inside earthly affairs, which means there’s a need to proactively become aware.  I think what Scott mentioned about the word from God in his book being 6 words, but out of 6 words came a book. Wow!  I think that speaks loud and clear as to the potential complexity that exists when we deal with the issues of life or even when God talks to us.  I have been on a pursuit of going past simplistic understanding when it comes to raising kids.  What I am coming to find is that raising kids is more complex than simply praying,  it requires an understanding of proper fatherhood and educational philosophies that can potentially lead to inaccurate parenting and therefore problem-ridden children.  So Scott’s point is well taken.  That as God’s people,  we need to mature in the way think and perceive God and world.

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