The Need to Discern the Times

By Scott Webster
Oct 19, 2013
As the earth convulses, we need to Discern the Signs of the Times.

God is dealing with the earth and we must be aware so that we can stand effectively in a day when so many things are falling apart.

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Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro | Fiji | March 17, 2014

This video was excellent in that it sensitizes our consciousness, and paradigm into a resolute focus on God as he orchestrates events in the earth. The origin of our gaze and sight is on the great architect as he sets things in motion and going to him for clarification and moving into enhanced partnership with Him on the earth as He brings his ultimate purposes to pass. All these things on the earth, the collapse of economic systems, vulnerability of alliances, threats of nuclear war, biological warfare, terrorism are all shadows. In the midst of a chaotic world, we can live in perfected stillness as our gaze is fixed on God. a place and location in God where he determines our rhythm, pace and where we can clearly decrypt the mysteries of our time…It is the ultimate unfolding of the scrolls and seals as spoken to Daniel. We are not a people unaware because He has opened our eyes and made our gaze single. Thank you SWM.

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