The Sovereignty of God

By Scott Webster
Nov 20, 2013
The Arc of Empires - The Sovereignty of God


Matthieu Klopfenstein | Switzerland | November 25, 2013

HI all,

By listenning to this video and by reading the beginning of your new book “The ARC of Empires”, It strucks me that today, I was reading in Exodus 9, the plagues that were given to Egypt by God through Moses. I was asking God what could I learn from this chapter. As it was not so clear to me, I wanted to let it away. But I could sense in my spirit that this word was really actual. Tonight by listenning to you, it brings me to reconsider the way I read the Bible on a personnel level and show that there is only one Spirit at work one earth, pushing us to focus on the actual truth He wants us to understand and interact with to come to new place of faith and perpsectives in His purposes.

David Copp II | United States | December 3, 2013

Powerfully clear and lucid. Really deals in a succinct manner with the issues of crisis and sovereignty in a very practical and timely manner. Thanks Marlon & Scott!!

tonI Baba | Nigeria | December 4, 2013

I love swm

Evelyn Obuya | Kenya | June 22, 2014

prophetic dimension is all that i need to build inside of my life

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